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If we are performing in Guthrie, Oklahoma, we will be on the corner of Harrison and 2nd St, in front of the Blue Belle Saloon, Saturday at 1PM till 4 PM. All times are dependent on weather and volunteer availability. We will post on our Face Book page if we are or are not performing.
Weekly performances:
Come by and see us, if we missed you we may have been at another local doing a festival or event and are truly sorry down to the tips of our boots. Unfortunately, We perform less in the winter due to the weather, we try to keep dates, times and places posted on our Facebook site.
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All special events, like festivals, can be verify by visiting the Guthrie Gunfighters INC's FaceBook page on Thurs/Fri as all events for that weekend will be posted with the location / time / etc . Or you can email us at if you have specific questions concerning an upcoming event or if we have any performances scheduled.
Special events / performances:
We strive to perform on Saturdays as noted below BUT as we are all unpaid volunteers, we unfortunately can not always be performing old west re-enactments do to work and other commitments. We recommend you check our Face Book page on Thursday or Friday proceeding the coming weekend: we normally post if we are performing that weekend with specifics such as location and times.