Texas Bill
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Ol' Texas Bill started out doing a bit of cattle ranching down on the Llano Estacado. Twern't no real money in it, but it did make for a quiet, simple life! Than a drought up and came along taking care of that venture. So Bill packed up; decided to become a Range Detective up in the Territories, he got pretty good at noticing them "doctored brands" while huntin' up rustled cattle. Business was brisk but he found the money was better still as a Bounty Hunter. Yet, it wasn't the lifestyle he was really looking for, so after putting back a grub stake, Bill decided to try his hand at being a professional gambling. He faired well at it, but here and there he was called on to defend himself and to even "Quiet down" a troublemaker or two..so before he knew it; he was appointed City marshal. Bill, even got put up on the "the bench" as a Judge; for a short term. If'n you ask Bill he will tell you he wasn't sure when it happened, but somewheres along the line he managed to become not only affluent but respectable too. He has a small ranch; that he is proud of. It is actually the most honest work he has ever done. Still, gambling is dearest to him and the most enjoyable to him! These days, Bill mostly plays cards and tries to avoid trouble. Drop in and see him, he'll give you a square chance in an on-the-level-game.
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