George Henry
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Ol' George is from an "old world" family from across the big pond. Family arrived America's and settled in Iowa, where as he was born. Tired of dirt farming he made his way west to seek his fortune - which by the way he is still looking to make. He has tried his hand at a few things, not yet finding his niche in life. He spent a little stretch as a Federal Calvary Officer, decided his career was going no where, tried scouting, marshalling in some one horse towns, gambling and selling snake oils, trapping, stage coach and freight driver, even tried his hand at gold mining. Managed to make a little stake and made his way to Oklahoma Indian Territory looking to grab up some land and raise horses, everyone always needs a good horse. Ol' George has seen some things most men only dream of -- iffen you run into him take care as he does not like liars or cheats and is known to shoot 1st and ask questions later.
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