William Harrelson
"Borderline Bill"
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I'm William Harrelson, but most folks call me Borderline Bill cause from time to time, I have been known to go a little crazy. Anyways I's born in the area that was later settled as the city of Chicago sometime around 1830. My mama sent me off to school as soon as she could cuz she had to work to feed my little sister and my older brother, who was always sick. She was hopin I'd be a lawyer, but the only thing I learnt in school was how to get in trouble. I swiped a lot of stuff whenever I could, so I would have lots of......stuff. When I got to be a little older, I was gettin in so much trouble with the marshals that they sent me off to a home for boys, where I learned to fight.....dirty. By the time I was about 20, I had got in so much trouble that I decided to go with some other folks out west in a wagon train. I don't really know where we was supposed to be goin, but when we got as far as Indian Territory, I got myself kicked off the wagon train for stealin and fightin, and decided that I'd just stay right there. That's when I got my first pistola, a Colt Walker 44 caliber cap and ball that I stole from a drunk soldier. I got to be a pretty good shot with it too. From time to time, I went down to Texas, or out to New Mexico Territory and also up into Kansas Territory with some bad boys collectin cattle or robbin a bank or a train or two, but I always ended up back here in Oklahoma. I been tryin to settle down some and even took up with a pretty Indian lady, Cat o Nine Tails. I also managed to get myself a job here and there as a marshal, cause it was a lot easier to steal stuff when I was wearin a badge. I'm gettin kinda old now, and still tryin to settle down a bit, but it seems like somethin's always comin up, know what I mean?
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