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It seems ole Choctaw learned early to settle his differences with either his fists or a gun, developing a reputation with the local lawdawgs as quick tempered but he never really crossed the line. Finding himself out on his own in just his fourteenth year he joined his first cattle drive, pushing longhorns to the railhead in Kansas. First time he had any real money and he wanted more. The lure of a cold beer, good whiskey and a desire for lovely ladies he started using his skills as a marksman with both a pistol and rifle and exceptional horsemanship to earn him some more money. These skills led him into the life of cattle rustling and as a road agent. His reputation grew along the trails, shanty towns and camps of a man to be reckoned with and not to be taken lightly. In his youth, his uncle told him that he needed to tame that wild streak or it would lead him to trouble ... it no longer needs tamed it needs caged!